Custom Attributes with JSON loading

It seems that JSON is a second class citizen in terms of data sources. I’m attempting to add custom attributes and what not via the format but it’s broken. Olga in a lot of the threads here suggests that you can add atrributes such as “type”, “title”, and “class” to a “cell” tag when loading via XML and I thought you could do the same because of this article: … at_details

What I found is that javascript objects for a particular cell value don’t work. If it’s not a single dimension array for the ‘data’ property in the JSON row object, then it can’t parse it properly.

Is this intentional or just something was overlooked?

I want to know if there is a way to add a class attribute to the json, have you had any success so far?

Unfortunately it’s not available to configure cells in JSON format. You should use xml.