Custom button help

hi, could you please help me about
I have a custom button at the info box as Notes
I want to learn item id when clicked
I have tried this but I got “undefined” everytime with different types that I found tips here:
code exp:
scheduler._click.buttons.notes = function(openlink){
alert(eid); }

Hi @Erman_Altindag,

If you mean the custom button in the lightbox, you should use the onLightboxButton handler and check the the button id, stmt like that:

scheduler.attachEvent("onLightboxButton", function(button_id, node, e){
    if(button_id == "notes"){

If you want to know the id of the clicked event, please use onBeforeLightbox handler, save the id to the variable with global scope and then use it in the onLightboxButton.