Custom card not working in Kanban 1.4.2

I am trying to use a custom template function.
It works fine in version 1.3, but does not work in 1.4.

You can see the issue in a snippet here: DHTMLX Snippet Tool

I kept the template function as simple as possible so you can see the problem. If you switch between versions you;ll see 1.3 works fine. What am I doing wrong here?

Hello @tonygoodchild ,

From 1.4 version you could use the provided “template” helper to create custom template from html string or a custom function. The result template can be used in kanban’s config to redefine the related part of UI.

Have a look at the updated snippet: DHTMLX Snippet Tool (1, 21 code lines).
I’m sorry for the inconvience as documentation contains little information about it at the moment.

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