Custom Cells with dataprocessor

I have a grid that I created a custom cell for that changes the background based on cell value. This works until I attach the dataprocessor to the grid. Once attached the backgounds no longer change. How can I use the custom cell type with the dataprocessor?

Below is my custom cell code.

eXcell_colors.prototype=new eXcell_ed;


        if (!val||val.toString()._dhx_trim() == “”){



        } else



        this.setCValue(this.grid._aplNF(val, this.cell._cellIndex));

        if (val==0)"";

         else if(val==1)“green”;

         else if(val==2)“blue”;

         else if(val==3)“purple”;

         else if(val==4)“yellow”;

        else if(val==5)“orange”;

        else if(val==6)“cyan”;

        else if(val==7)“pink”;

        else if(val==8)“grey”;

        else if(val==9)“darkseagreen”;



The dataprocessor must not block normal cell coloring in your case, but during row update it may reset colors to normal state.
As possible workaround you can block code of dataprocessor, which changes the look of updated row, by using the next code

return false;

where dp - an instance of dataprocessor.