Custom Code in DHTMLX Designer


We very much like the desktop DHTMLX Designer, and find the potential for getting a lot of productivity from it. Serving the generated js files with our web application allows us to use the Designer as a productivity tool to design and maintain user interface screens. However, there is always the need to add some custom code within the generated js file to expose the DHTMLX objects to the rest of our software. Once we add this custom code, the designer either strips out the custom code, or in more complex cases fails to open/parse the file. This unfortunately drastically reduces the designer to only being sort of useful. Is there a way to add custom code without breaking the designer?

Please send a sample of js file with custom code which prevents correct parsing by Designer to, it looks as a bug and we will try to fix it.

See attached (539 Bytes)

Hello what happends finally?

can be added custom code to designer?

can we use custom css on the designer?

Thanks a lot

There was issues with import|export which are fully fixed now.

Designer can’t import js code which was created manually. It can only re-import files which was originally created by desiger.