Custom colors for buttons or counts

In the documentation it says the color for buttons or for count bubbles (such as on a Sidebar) can be set to one of the following values: “success”, “danger”, “primary”, “secondary”. But is there an easy way to set them to another color that isn’t one of those four pre-defined colors? In my case, I’m doing a count of associated “orange sheets”, so I would like to make the countColor of my sidebar item to be an orange color to make that visual connection. I tried using a hex code like below, but it didn’t work.

countColor: "#FFAA00"

I also tried defining a css rule

.dhx_navbar-count--color_orange { background-color: #FFAA00; color: white; }

and using

countColor: "orange"

But that also didn’t work. Is there a way to break out of the 4-color limitation for buttons and count bubbles?

Unfortunaetly currently only the suggested four variants are supported.
I’ve sent your report to the dev team, so the probable solution may appear in the future updates.

As a workaround you may try to redefine the css class of these predefined colors. Like:


Thank you for that workaround. I may be able to use that somewhere else, but in the particular situation I was working on, I’m already using the existing colors elsewhere on the page and was looking to use an additional specified color. I can make do with the default colors for now and hope for a full solution in the future.

It doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult to parameterize the existing code a bit further to allow custom names to refer to manual CSS classes similar to the redefined class above. But as a developer, I know that difficulty and priority are two entirely different things.

I understand.
Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, that problem is confirmed. We’ll try to extend this functionality in the future udpates.
Thank you for your report.