Custom Content Integration

I searched to see if this had been previously asked, but I could not find anything.

Is there a way to customize the scheduler to allow for external content via an iframe via a custom tab? A customer of ours has a “schedule” page already set up (essentially a list of events grouped by start date) that he really likes, and I want to be able to integrate this view into the scheduler.

Thanks in advance!


Do you want to integrate it as a details form?
If so check scheduler\samples\02_customization\16_custom_form.html sample.

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Hi Ilya,

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately that is not what I am looking for. Here is what I am looking to accomplish:

  • Add a new tab called “Agenda” that will reside before the “Day”, “Week”, and “Month” tabs.
  • When the “Agenda” tab is clicked, have the day/week/month calendar be replaced with the content of the IFRAME.

Let me know if I need to further clarify.


  • Wayne