custom control as image picker

i want create custom control like this jquery plugin

like select multiple

i want to use it to select multiple tags, like you have checkbox list, but every checkbox is img, and all checkboxes have only one label, similar next control will be tag list control, you check tags (strings) no checkboxes

first click choose image/tag, second click uncheck image/tag

any idea? how to do it? maybe finished plugin before? i am not first who trying to solve this?

thanks for ideas

Please, look at the dhtmlxCarousel component:

thanks, but how can it help me? this is not custom control of form, not similar to it

would it be possible to see the code of multiselect control? maybe i could reuse some parts


sure, you can check source code of multiselect item, both std and pro versions contain sources for this. open\sources\dhtmlxForm\codebase\dhtmlxform.js, line 2022, code started from (or fine by ctrl+f search line that below):
dhtmlXForm.prototype.items.multiselect = {

also you can contact our sales dept (sales at dhtmlx dot com), they will give you information regarding custom form item creation according your spec.

i am afraid that i have only minificated version?

Just download latest dhtmlxSuite from site and check.