Custom css button in a Form not working with onButtonClick event



I’m fairly new to js.
I’ve done a custom css for a button in a form and attached it with a className and now it does not respond to the onButtonClick event.
How can I access the events of the button?


Could you please, provide a code snippet with your using code for the initialization


I need button with name “exhange” to work with the function “onButtonClick” just like button “exchange2” works



the issue seems to be caused by overriding button content via css content property,
you can check how it works if I comment-out the comment style:

Here are working styles:

     top: 244px;
   .dhxform_obj_material .customBtn div.dhxform_btn, 
   .dhxform_obj_material .customBtn div.dhxform_btn div.dhxform_btn_filler{
   .dhxform_obj_material .customBtn div.dhxform_btn{
       height: 20px;
       box-shadow:inset 0 -0.6em 0 -0.35em rgba(0,0,0,0.17);