Custom data for dhtmlTreeGrid row and cell

How to set multiple custom datas for a row or a cell while creating JSON data in dhtmlTreeGrid? I am expecting to set datas to a cell or apart from its value. I want to get these custom datas while a row/cell is selected. While only the value of the cell/row will be seen in the UI, i am hoping to use these extra datas for further customization.


Any updates on this guys?

Unfortunately the usage of the userdata is not available in case of loading from the JSON.

Thank you sematik

I was trying to initialize userdata from JSON data for a Row, it’s working for me. I am able to get the user data using getUserData( rowId , userDataName) method. Since i need access to custom data at cell level, i am trying to use cell attribute as a proxy, but I could not find how to set attribute for a Cell in JSON format.

I appreciate your help in this regard.