Custom Date Format for Date Editor

Hi Team,
We are integrating Gantt Chart in our product and in Left Columns we are showing Start Date & End Date as 2 columns.
While loading I can change the format of the date and display it using template property of Columns.
But when I go to Edit mode it is still displaying in dd-mm-yyyy format (Not sure where is this specified).
I am using OOTB date editor only which is provided as part of Gantt Component.
Is there any way where I can change the format of the date in edit mode.
FYI : We are integrating Gantt in Angular. Here I can’t use Angular Component as it is a limitation and we don’t want to have jquery again in it.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Thank you,
Bhavesh Kumar.

Hello Bhavesh,
The inline editors use the date input element which is created and rendered by Chrome or Firefox. The time format there depends on your system settings and language preferences:

There is no way to change how it works with the default HTML elements.
But you can use a third-party library and show date pickers in the custom inline editor:
Here is an example: