Custom DATE sorting is not working in DhtmlX Grid


We have DhtmlX Grid with custom DATE column. The custom date column is populated with based on client local data and we have custom sorting for that column.

Algorithm as shown below:

function date_custom(a, b, order) { var a = a.split("/") var b = b.split("/") var d1 = new Date(a[2], a[0]-1, a[1]); var d2 = new Date(b[2], b[0]-1, b[1]); return (d1 > d2 ? 1 : -1) * (order == “asc” ? 1 : -1); }

As soon as we enabled Paging in the grid the custom sorting is failing.

Does the sorting works for the results in the rendered page or for all in the pages?

Please let us know your feedback on the same to streamline the sorting.

FYI- We are using dhtmlxSuite_v25_pro_91111

RamaRao R.

Are you using dynamic or static loading? Client side sorting require all rows to be loaded on client side.

We are getting data onetime from server and attaching it to grid using loadJSON method and data spread into multiple pages. In the first page when sort, sorting is doing correctly for all the rows except last row and it displays randomly.

Wee need complete demo to reproduce this issue. Please open ticket at