Custom day shifts, this is possible?

Can I divide the day into four custom shifts as follows:

Shift 1: 00:00 to 10:30
Shift 2 10:30 to 13:00
Shift 3: 13:00 to 15:30
Shift 4: 15:30 to 00:00

Is this possible?

Hello @tlpoliveira ,

Currently, the scheduler doesn’t provide the possibility to add custom range shifts to the scale, but technically you can implement it by adding HTML elements with defined size to the timeline_scale_date template, like follows:

scheduler.templates.timeline_scale_date = function(date){
   var timeline = scheduler.matrix.timeline;
   var func =||scheduler.config.hour_date);
   return `

    <div class="wrapper">
        <div class="quarter">M1</div>
        <div class="quarter">M2</div>
        <div class="quarter">T1</div>
        <div class="quarter">T2</div>

Here is a demo with four shifts(same size, but you can change their sizes by CSS):

Best regards,

Ok thanks, I will try this approach.