Custom design grid


I am licenced TreeGrid user (licence # 378869895). I have one question, and I would like to get simple answer - yes, or not. Please look at the screenshot and tell me is it possible to make such table with your library? (with images, joined cells, charts (DHTMLX charts) and other elements presented on the picture).

I think you know possibilities of your library much better then I, and can tell me is it possible. Thank you.

Nope, nearly all is possible, but select controls in grid will not look as active selects ( they will look as plain text before cell edit activation )

Which grid is more suit for this task, usual Grid or TreeGrid?

I have tryed to make this via Grid and sub rows. It works, and looks good, but sub row not divided on cells, I can only float right some content. I have tryed TreeGrid also (so, it can also expand row by pressing [+] icon), but:

  1. tree column in nested row can’t contain html code
  2. checkbox appears in nested row
  3. row gets selected (thin stripe, same height as parent row) when clicked
    It seems it’s impossible to make such table via TreeGrid.