Custom editors about time

Since i am using the scheduler to do a school booking function. At now, i have some problem.

i would like to display the lessons with the select box, and the will display text with “lesson1”,“lession2”…so on…with the working day. But the value which is “420”,“465”…

when it is Sunday and Saturday , it would be display the time with default just like “10:00”.

can someone know how to do it~ :unamused:

You can configure lightbox in necessary way, by adding select control with necessary list of options ( each option can have different text and real value ) … of_editors

As for different editors for different days it is a bit more complicated. You can assing custom code to onBeforeLightbox event, reconfigure lightbox from it, and call after it scheduler.resetLightbox() to repaint lightbox with new set of editors.