Custom Event Drag/Resize


I am currently testing DHTMLX Scheduler for use in the development of a new component.

As part of this development I have heavily customized the day/week view events via the renderEvent method however these events are not resizble or movable. The documentation hints at including some CSS classes (“my_event_move”?) to make this possible but this doesn’t work.

Is there any documentation on this that I’ve missed or could you provide some more detail on how this is supposed to be done?

Here you can find a working example with the custom event box:
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a snippet of your using code, a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed locally.


I think I’ve deduced the problem.

I am instantiating my own control (from our internal HTML5 framework built using Wijmo 5) on top of the element provided which I believe is removing the DOM assigned events which are presumably attached after .renderEvent returns true.

My solution was to simply handle the entire resize/moving process myself by using scheduler.getActionData(e).date to get the date and updating the moved event using the recommended methods.

Looking at the source it appears that DHTMLX Scheduler is assigning events using a direct function assignment instead of using .addEventHandler which allows for multiples which might fix this issue, do you know if I’m accurate in that assessment?

Thanks again.