Custom eXcell requires data from multiple cells in row


My grid contains 5 columns - the first column is the unique identifier. I want the first column to also display an icon. The icon should be different depending on data in column 3 and 4.

I have created a custom eXcell to display the icon in column 1 along with the unique identifier. But what is the best way to access the data from column 3 and 4 to determine which icon to display?


In custom eXcell you can get id of currently editted row with following code:

 var row_id=this.cell.parentNode.idd;

You can access to the value of cell in other column with following code:

var value=this.grid.cellById(row_id,cell_index).getValue(); this.grid.cellById(row_id,cell_index).setValue();

Note, it not possible to change of value of the cell which is not rendered yet. Cells are rendered from left to right.