Custom excell

I have written a custom excell.

I will paste the code here.

Its working fine in fire fox but in IE the height of the cell is not proper.

How can i set height to it?

function eXcell_txtlink(cell)


this.cell = cell;

this.grid = this.cell.parentNode.grid;

this.edit = function(){}

this.isDisabled = function(){return true}

this.getValue = function() {var temp=this.cell._rval.split(’~’);return temp[0];}

this.getTitle=function() {var temp=this.cell._rval.split(’~’);return temp[1];}



var txtVal=val.split(’~’);

var text = txtVal[0].split(’,’);

var values=txtVal[1].split(’,’);

var size = values.length;




this.cell.childNodes[0].options[i]=new Option(values[i],text[i]);


this.cell.innerHTML+="  Add / Edit "

this.cell._rval =val;



eXcell_txtlink.prototype = new eXcell;

This is feature of IE. It cant increase row’s height if it contain any html tags. To prevent such behaviour you can enable multiline mode:


Sorry but it is not fixing my pbm.

enableMultiline(true) increase row height depending on the it’s content. Who does it not work?

I m not able to view the Add/Edit button in IE. Even after enabling the multi line property i m not able to see it. If i do the same thing as normal HTML the height is fine. (Even in IE).
When i make it custom excell and convert into grid. its creating a problem.

Please see example at the attachment. (129 KB)