Custom field for user name from registered users

I am using Joomla 1.5.22.
Can anyone tell me how to link the user name of the editor of an event to the default custom field named Text.
In this field I like to show the name of the person responsible for the event publication.

Maybe this topic can help you our. I am also working on such a similar thing to get some values from the Userdetails into the scheduler not for the Joomla but for the Wordpress Plugin. The technique itself should not differ so much I think.



Thanks for the response.
It looks like I am having the same problem as you encountered.
I also ended up with the same line below the calendar:
scheduler.attachEvent(‘onEventCreated’, function(id){ scheduler.getEvent(id).pax = ‘’; return true; });
Stanislav came back with the instruction to replace $some_value with var which stores info in question.
Can you explain me what he means with this?

$some_value with var which stores info in question.
The var , which stores name of the user, who was the creator of event. ( currently logged in user ).
I’m not quite sure, how WP stores such info.

Thanks Stanislav,

I’m using Joomla 1.5.22 and going to dig where to find the current logged in user.

Regards Gary

hi there,

I’m working on the same thing too… please let me know how to do that with joomla in this awesome scheduler :slight_smile: