Custom Field in EventTable

Hi there,

I stumbled upon the scheduler and i have a short question.

Is it possible to introduce a custom Column in the EventTable eg. “Filter” which should be used constrain the set of Events?

I mean is it possible to add a chosen Filter-Categorie in the frontend and get the respective data per Timeperiod (filtered)?

Is that possible with the connector provided by DHTMLX ?

Thx in Advance

Yep, sure.
You can add extra fields in DB and by mentioning them in connectors config - make them available on client side. After that you can include them in lightbox form to make editable ( with auto-saving back to DB ) or create custom filtering rules based on those custom properties. … filtration

Also check samples\09_api\09_filtering_events.html

Hi there,

first of all thx for the quick reply.

A folowup-question…

The example for filtering object seems to be on the clientside. I wanted to achieve that the events are fetched from the db “filtered”. Meaning that only the desired subset of events (which comply with the current filter) are fetched and send to the client (serverside-filtering).

Is it clear what im trying to achieve? :slight_smile:

Thx in Advance

Nevermind… I found it.

Thanks anyway.