Custom field, units, Joomla

I have set up 1 custom field, with 4 options from a select list.

Then, I removed all of the regular day, week, month, etc views.

The idea, is to only see my custom fields.

That works fine, but in the control panel, I have set the ‘prevent events overlapping’ and still am allowed to create more than one event at a time (both within each of these options from my custom list, and in each custom items at the same time).

To make it a bit more complicated, this is my end goal:

  1. There are 4 resources used in my custom view, 2 things, and 2 people.
  2. I would like to have the option of scheduling any 1 of those things by clicking on it, that works great now (but not allow for more than one of a time for each of those 1 items).
  3. Also, would like to have an option to select from the lightbox that allows me to schedule an additional thing at the same time (from the dropdown). So for example, if I wanted to schedule the first thing, I could also choose to schedule it with the first person. If either of those 2 things already had the column filled, then it would not allow an additional event to be scheduled at that time and return an error.

It seems the 2 things I need then, and I’m not sure if the scheduler can do this:

  1. Allowing the choice to pick more than one unit (an additional dropdown I think would be the way to do this if possible) when scheduling
  2. Making sure that any one of the 4 units can only have one thing scheduled at a time.

Ideals? Or is this possible?


To add additional select box in lightbox you may use one more custom field, but don’t set checkbox “Use as units” or “Use as timeline”. So you’ll have additional select box.
To check selected sub-item (if I understood your requirements correctly) you may use event onEventSave: … neventsave

About events overlapping, try to update dhtmlxscheduler_collision.js file from attachment. (791 Bytes)