Custom filtering option only available when filter_connector_select

The problem description:

  1. Server-side XML file for dhtmlx grid, as well as the header filtering options;
  2. Image instead of raw value (e.g. green image for value “yes”, and red image for value “no”);
  3. Showing text “Green” (neither “yes”, nor the green image) and text “Red” (neither “no” nor the red image) in the filtering selecting box.


  1. Set the column type as “coro” (must be “co-” leading);
  2. Set the column filtering mode as “filter_connector_select” (It must not be “filter_select”, or it fails);
  3. Using addOption() after the gridConfig (e.g. addOption(“mycolumn”, “yes”, “Green”); addOption(“mycolumn”, “no”, “Red”); )
  4. Change the “mycolumn” value in “beforeRender()” funciton, (e.g. $dataItem->set_value(“mycolumn”, “”); )