Custom Form Scroll

My custom form height is over the scheduler area, the buttons (save…) are unclickable (out of mouse click).

The code below, dont work. I need put a scroll horizontal scroll to show the enteri form. Any other suggestion or code correction ???

if (box){“block”;
var pos = getOffset(this._obj);“px”;“px”;“scroll”; = “500px”;

Height of lightbox will be reset during lighbox form rendering , you can try to attach custom code to the onLightbox handler and change size of lightbox from it.

I think its a bug, the scheduler should enable the scroll automatically, once I have custom sections, do you have a fix for that, or a code snipet for the onLightBox event??

Existing logic - scheduler autosize lightbox to fit all included form blocks.
It possible to define your own form, which may have any custom content and sizing logic


I dont want to make a custom form, only add custom sections on then default form. But the existing logic for vertical size dont work, my custom sections makes the height bigger and then form dont enable the vertical scroll. How I do that?

Existing form uses auto-size logic - it has not inner scroll, and there is no any predefined way to add scroll to it. So if you need the form with scroll or different sizing logic - you can create a custom form.