Custom form (select input imported data)


i would like to make a select input on my form that contains customers database. Is it possible to do ? if yes what is the better solution ? load data from an xml or from mysql ?

If you are using connector on server side you can embed select’s options in scheduler’s data
Check … tions.html … _json.html

Full source code of the samples is included in the package.

Ho ok perfect one more time. Thx

One more thing, maybe little more complex.

On my custumers list, i do have something like 13000 entries, so this is quite long to load the lightbox form, and to valid an event too. (my server is dedicated serveur with 64Go ram)

Is there any possibility to only load a part or the list and then only load data with autocompletion.

you know what i mean ?

Yep, you can use combo instead of the select, it will load options dynamically ( auto-suggest mode ) … om_db.html