custom form with time fields

Dear all,

I would likre create a curtom form instead of ligthbox. In my idea i want to create a specific div
for custom form to provide a function to move like a window the custom form.

I created my custom form , it works but i don’t know how i can map a filed in my cutom form with time value.

I kown the ev.text to get the text value but how get the time ev.time ???

Thanks for all.

ev.start_date and ev.end_date can be used

both properties are Date object ( not a strings ! )

thanks, I am impressed by the responsiveness :astonished:
Where i can find all field define in ev object ?

There are 3 default fields


any other custom property which you will define in data xml can be accessed by the same name as property of event object


scheduler.getEvent(123).some == value;[/code]

oh thanks a lot.