Custom Form

Hi all.
I have some problem with my custom lightbox form.
I have insert an external datetimepicker.
When I setting a new event the datetime input render a strange datetime format.
example : Wed Oct 13 14:00:00 UTC+0200 2010

  1. When I save new event, the scheduler not render a new event, only if I refresh the page I can view the new event.

my code:


Can you help me ?

Thank You


ev.start_date is a native Date object, if you need to get it as formatted string - you need to define date-to-string and string-to-date converters. … te_formats

[code]var d2s ="%m/%d/%y");
var s2d ="%m/%d/%y");

html(“datetime6”).value = d2s(ev.start_date)||"";

ev.start_date = s2d(html(“datetime6”).value);[/code]

Perfect !!
Thank you very much.