custom Form ?


In a post i saw a special Lightbox Formular (attached photo). How can i realize that?

Thank you

This is “wide” form … endly_form

I put scheduler.config.wide_form = true; in my source code but the form does not change? I have to do anything else?

Thank you

You need to use scheduler 3.0, it will not work with earlier versions.

I use 2.3 :frowning:
I made too many modifications as i’m able to update to 3.0 :frowning:

Unfortunately there is no chances to use such form in scheduler 2.3. While updates in css must be backward compatible with 2.3, there are some modification in lightbox code, which are scattered through many source js files.

But if you don’t like default lightbox you can always use a custom edit form.

By the way - can you send me PM with list of features for which you have need to customize codebase of scheduler ?

Component provides a lot of handlers for customization, which will not prevent version upgrade. Probably we are missing some use-cases if you have need to make heavy customization to the source code.