custom formulae

I would like to know in treegird , is it possible to have custom formuale to display custom value on summary rows.THis custom valued will generated by applying custom formulae on child cells.

Built in math allow only “sum” as aggregation function.

In case of “auto-calculated-values-in-footer”, it possible to extend existing functionality and add custom formula, it not so simple but possible

For example to add sum(x^2) next code need to be added in project

    var calck=function(){
        var summ=0;
             // id - id of row
             // i - index of column
             summ += Math.pow(this.cells2(id,i).getValue(),2);   // main formula
        return summ;
    this._stat_in_header(t,calck,i,c);   //default call, to attach all necessary handlers

now you can use your formula by specifing in header|footer