Custom Group Connector Hides on collapse

Is it possible to keep the Connector(lines) visible to connecting element while the initiator group is collapsed.?

Unfortunately it is not available to display the shape connectors in the collapsed state of the group for now.
I’ve sent your request to the dev team, so it will be observed. I’ll inform you if any solution for this problem appear.

Hi Thanks for checking. Also, I am unable to find any method to add custom button to dhx_editor_scale or there is any API available to set the diagram zoom to Fit to Screen

I have tried to schedule call multiple times via contact form in last 1 month but never got response from your team. We are interested in your product but your response time is very high. Please let me know when we can have expedite the Call?


Unfortunately there is no possibility to place the custom control to the editor toolbar.
Also, there is no inbuilt algorithm to fit to screen the diagram.
I can only suggest to redefine the logic of the original toolbar controls with the editor events:

What about the call possibility. Unfortunately we’re not able to provide support with the online calls, only the official support system is available. I’ve checked the tickets, and could not find the any missed requests, could you please, (re)open a ticket, I’ll try to check it ASAP.