custom javascript doesnt work anymore after grid.updateFromX


i have some js inserted in grid (hidden row). everything is fine but after mygrid.updateFromXMl(loadDataURL); it doesnt work anymore. this script adds a tooltip on hover…

with class “tipper” i can add tooltips…

  • testing with inline content

  • there are other js that doesnt work after updateFromXMl like - it adds snapshots on hover to links…

    when i call mygrid.init() these javascripts will work after updatefromXMl, but grid flare on init… is there a way to use only updatefromXMl with such javascripts ?

    thank you


    Update from XML functionality reset content of cell which come in XML document, so if this content was modified - all modification will be lost
    It seems that scripts which you mention made some modification to cell content and can work correctly after updateFromXML because modification lost, I don’t see any way to preserve such custom modification on full grid updating, as far as I can see, only way to workaround issue - attache code to onXLE event and reinit tooltip script each time after XML reloaded.