Custom Languages?

Hello everyone, my company is thinking of buying the license of the scheduler, although we need the scheduler to be in Lithuanian language. I’ve tried an expample project with the scheduler and i saw that it supports many languages, but not the Lithuanian language. Is it possible to implement Lithuanian language in the scheduler? Where are the dictionary items located? In the database? DLL?

Do you mean the .Net or common edition of the scheduler ?
It possible to create a custom locales in both of them … tom_locale

well, our project is going to be C# MVC 4 Razor.
So which version do we need? Common or the .NET?

Javascript version will work anywhere
.Net version is a .Net wrapper for the same javascript code, it simplifies data binding and allows to use .Net code to configure the calendar.

In you case .Net version looks as a better choose.

so i am testing the .NET version now, i have created a new locale with the lithuanian language, but the problem is,
Naujas �vykis

sched.Localization.Set(“lt”, false);

The lithuanian letters are not being recognized, so i think the scheduler is not using the UTF8 charset? How should i make the scheduler to use UTF8?

try to define encoding of the page with following tag:[code]

[/code] Also, make sure your locale file is utf-8 encoded as well