Custom Layout, works fine in Firefox, but not in IE9

Hi there
I try to build a Layout with 4 Cells in a Cell of Layout 3J.
That works fine and very fast in Firefox, but in IE9 it’s very slow (> 1 Second).
My Target ist to build 12 Cells in the right Cell of the 3J Layout to show 12 different Charts for Performance Data.
If i make that, it works fine in Firefox, but IE9 hangs without no message for ever… :imp:

I build the 4 cell Layout with following Code:
layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,“3J”)
chart_layout_1 = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(layout.cells(“b”),“2U”) ;
chart_layout_2 = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(chart_layout_1.cells(“a”),“2E”) ;
chart_layout_3 = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(chart_layout_1.cells(“b”),“2E”) ;

I’m very new to dhtmlx and any Help is very welcome ! :smiley:

Thanks a lot
Regards, Franky

Can’t reproduce locally. Could you provide us a completed demo to test it? … leted_demo
P.S. Time of loadin can depend on charts structure.

Hi Darya

I make a Demo this afternoon and send it.
Even without loading the Chartdata it’s very slow…


Ok, we are waiting for it.
And what do you have in the layout.cells(“a”) and layout.cells(“c”)?

Hi Darya

Attached you’ll find the Democode and a Screenshoot of the Custom Layout I wanna build.

There is a grid attached in layout.cells(“a”) and layout.cells(“c”), “a” with jason data and “c” with data loaded by a connector-script.
I removed them in the Democode because it’s dosen’t matter to the problem.

Thanks a Lot for your help !!!

Best wishes
Franky (355 KB)

Could you reproduce my problem with the Demo ?

Yes, can reproduce.
Two points:

  1. don’t create every time new dhtmlXLayout object, becaute it takes more time, then you use method attachLayout()
  2. i’ve created for a ‘6w’ layout pattern, apply it for build you 2 rows of your ‘layout-table’ (see attachment): … terns.html (use it as an external pattern)
    dhtmlxlayout_pattern6w.rar (561 Bytes)

Hello Darya

Thanks a lot for your investigation and the 6W code.
I tryed that, still without success in IE9 :frowning:
Also changed to attachLayout, instead of new object.

I used this code, which will hang up IE9, but works fine and fast in Firefox… :unamused:

chart_layout_1 = layout.cells(“b”).attachLayout(“2E”) ;
chart_layout_2 = chart_layout_1.cells(“a”).attachLayout(“6W”) ;
chart_layout_3 = chart_layout_1.cells(“b”).attachLayout(“6W”) ;

Any other ideas please ?


Any ideas ? :unamused:

Hello again
By some magic now my sample isn’t hang IE… See attachment.
demo_12.11.12.rar (379 KB)

Thank you for the Code.
Still not working with IE9 at my site, IE9 still hangs a while when i select the 6W Layout…

Yes, it hangs a WHILE, but not for ever…
But you have 12 grids there. It seems to me, that hanging in your case is inevitably.