Custom lightbox. Adding new fields to DHXEv


I am using scheduler.showLightBox method to start a custom lightbox. This lightbox contains a number of extra fields. I am loading the data in the calendar by means of JSON as follows.

scheduler.init('scheduler_here', new Date(), "week");
scheduler.load("events.jsp", "json");
var dp = new dataProcessor("events.jsp");

I am using JavaPlanner so I am extending DHXEventsManager and overriding saveEvent(DHXEv event, DHXStatus status) and getEvents() methods. Also, I extended DHXEvent to add the custom fields to DHXEvent object i.e. have other fields apart from id, text, start_date and end_date.

However my problem is that since the method in DHXEventsManager accept a DHXEv object only, I am losing my extra field properties and JSON object only contains the 4 default values.

What can I do to get JSON with all my fields in Event object?

I am really stuck. I would appreciate some help!
Thanks in advance!

sorry for the delay in answerring.
You should cast DHXEv to Event class in the beginning of method saveEvent:

Event e = (Event) event;