Custom Lightbox + Collissions

Hi Guys,
I have implemented a custom lightbox, and have created a duplicate button as explained within the following post:

I have the duplicate button now working fantastically, however now that it is working again, the collission script does not seem to fire off anymore.

Kind regards
Greg Goldberg

Just so you guys know, if this is a problem with the custom lightbox, it is not an urgent issue for myself, as I have implemented my own customized colission logic within the “onBeforeProcessing” event within my “Connector” web service temporarily to resolve the issue, so it has been resolved within my own scheduler, but wanted to make you aware that I had this issue incase there was a change required to resolve this in the codebase.

Kind regards
Greg Goldberg

Hello, Greg.

I’ve tried to use custom form and create new events while details form was still open and collision extension seemed to work correctly.

Can you please describe steps I need to do to reproduce this problem?
If it’s easy to see using your package then please send it to us (support -at-

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