Custom LightBox Form


I have a couple of questions about custom razor mvc lightbox forms.

  1. Can i use native recurring controls so i don’t have to manually add all “recurring fields” to my form? I guess I have to make use of “dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js” in my form somehow.

  2. This one is about controlling collisions. My booking system is based on rooms and we can not plan two events for the same room and date. Native “drag and drop controls” are working correctly avoiding collisions but if i edit an existing event using my custom form, change the room and save, the system does not avoid same room/date collisions. Any ideas?

I am using the following extensions:


Thanks for your help.


  1. Unfortunatelly no. Lightbox controls cannot be used in custom forms

  2. The only solution is to check collision manually. You can call client-side scheduler.checkCollision(eventObject) before submitting custom form … kcollision