Custom Lightbox Multi Select Posting As Different Values In Form


I am currently having a problem with a multi select box that I have in my custom form. Currently I am trying to save the form with the multi select field posted as an array like so:

users: [1,2,3]

However while the form posts alright, when it goes into the backend and I try to read this data it is posting like this:

users.0: 1
users.1: 2

I am currently using Dataprocessor to send the form into the backend like so:

var dp = new dataProcessor("/local/etacalendar/events/index.php");

// set data exchange mode

And here is a snippet of my code that is getting the form fields and posting them into the backend:

        saveEventFormButton.on("click", function() {
            var loadEvent = scheduler.getEvent(scheduler.getState().lightbox_id);
            var selectedUsers = $("#eta_calendar_user_group_select").val();
            loadEvent.users = selectedUsers;

            scheduler.endLightbox(true, html("eta_calendar_lightbox_form_wrapper"));

So the form is taken in right and if I log it to the console in JS it logs fine and shows:

users: [1,2[

but when I check the response data it shows:

Form Data:
users.0: 64482
users.1: 43445

Can someone please tell me how I can get the data into users:[1,2].

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you


Please use the way from the snippet to solve this issue

We will solve this problem in the future update. Thank you for the question.