Custom Lightbox

Hi there,

I’m looking at using dhtmlxgantt as a way of building up an itinerary i.e. you add items at specific days throughout a period (most likely 2 weeks)… However, there are quite a few extra variables that I need to store along with the standard info of dates etc. There are a series of 4 dropdowns which populate the next one via AJAX.

I know I can add custom controls into the lightbox but these will not work via AJAX when the previous dropdown is changed. I was hoping that I’d be able to make a fully custom lightbox which then passes everything back to dhtmlxGantt but I can’t seem to find away…

It looks like it’s possible in the scheduler product ( … _form.html) can we do the same with Gantt?

Thanks in advance,


Yep, you can replace the .showLighbox method with a custom logic, which will show a custom form for the gantt’s item