Custom list of options in dhtmlxGrid header filter

I am trying to use custom list of options filter in dhtmlxGrid header as per provided guidelines in
I tried using
The question over here is I assume that select list must render value as following

1 two 3 and does filter based on value(1,2,3) in the database itself. But when I tried using this, select list shows 1 2 //note this list option 3 Is it the issue in dhtmlx itself or am I doing something wrong? Thanks

This is a limitation of dhtmlx itself. Header filters are designed to use grid as data source, so they expect to receive only one string for each option, that will be used for both id and value.

If you have a support subscription, please open a ticket. I think we will be able to provide a patch.

Thanks Stanislav.
I will surely open support ticket soon.