Custom Milestones

Hi All,

How can i add new types that behave like milestones?
If i treated them as task, it will not display properly when i add milestone class. Also the end date is messing up the display


you can define a custom render function for your types, so you’ll be able to display them as required: … onfig.html

Is there an easier way to just add another type that looks exactly like a milestone but with a different color?

Looking forward for this :smiley:

currently there is no way to ‘inherit’ a custom type from one of predefined ones in order to render your tasks as a milestone or project. So the possible way to do - is to render milestones manually.

The default ones are rendered as a square divs with rounded borders and rotated by 45 degrees

Alternatively, instead of having a custom type you can use the default milestones, but color them differently using css template in task.color property: … tasks.html


Is there a global config to change the colors based on task type?


There is no such config, but you can define css template which will return css class based on the task type:gantt.templates.task_class=function(start, end, task){ if(task.type == 'type1') return 'class_1'; if(task.type == 'type2' return class_2; }; … plate.html
Or assign a color to the task property when it’s created or modified:gantt.attachEvent("onAfterTaskUpdate", function(id,task){ if(task.type == 'type1') task.color = '#ff0000'; if(task.type == 'type2' task.color = '#00ff00'; });
The default colors are defined in css classes:.gantt_task_line.gantt_project{} .gantt_task_line.gantt_milestone{} .gantt_task_line{}