Custom Navigation buttons

Hi id like to set my own navigation buttons.
I know how to set buttons for differents view, minical.
How to set buttons for: Previous - Today - Next (in client script)
And how could i get the date for setting a label with the current date of the view

Thanks in advance.


Check these APIs: … tview.html … state.html … other.html

The date of the calendar can be changed with scheduler.setCurrentView method.
You can retreive currently shown date via scheduler.getState().date
There is built-in helper for date manipulations, that simplifies adjusting dates to any given period

So client side methods might look following:

[code]function previous(){
var currentDate = scheduler.getState().date,
currentMode = scheduler.getState().mode;

var prevDate =, -1, currentMode);

function next(){
var currentDate = scheduler.getState().date,
currentMode = scheduler.getState().mode;

var nextDate =, 1, currentMode);

function today(){
scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date())

Hi, thanks for answering

Id like to know hot to apply locale values to date retrieved with scheduler.getState().date.
For example, i just want to show like in default navigation bar in view month the name of th month and year: i’d like to know how can i get this data through formating current date and then show name of the month in english, how coul i apply formatting and locale values:

im trying in this way

scheduler.getState().date.date_to_str("%F %Y")

but then fires a postback ¿?

Thanks in advance.

date_to_str is a method of object. Date that is returned by scheduler.getState() is a regular JS Date which not have such method.

The method returns function that converts date to string, using labels from scheduler.locale object (by default - English labels).
Usage looks following way:var formatDate ="%F %Y"); var label = formatDate(scheduler.getState().date);
The expected approach to keep relevance of the label is to refresh it on onViewChange event:var formatDate ="%F %Y"); scheduler.attachEvent("onViewChange", function (new_mode , new_date){ var el = document.getElementById(labelElementId); el.innerHTML = formatDate(new_date); }); … event.html