Custom Scheduler


Can I do some customizations at the data level and the views it appears on? I made some screenshots from an application that displays a timeline.

They have planes and instructors that are available to fly.
In case the instructor is not available at all on one day, he will not be visible (that would be a section in your calendar that is not visible only on specific days).
If the instructor if not available only 2 hours on a day, he will have those hours marked with a red line.
This will not appear in the Monthly view though, but only on the timeline.

Can something like this be made in your Scheduler?

  • Show a section only on some days.
  • Show some events in the timeline, but not in the monthly view, maybe even hide them in day or week view.
  • Display an event with other shapes then a rectangle, i.e. just a line.


Possible, each view can have separate filter assigned … ltration&s[]=scheduler&s[]=filter

Possible but requires some custom coding to enable|disable sections ( you can reload list of sections each time when date changed )
More simple solution - change visual style of row if related person is not available for the day - it can be done through css templates in both timeline and normal views.

This is the hard one, you can set custom css class on different events, which can affect view significantly ( colors, backgrounds, sizing ) - but it will be hard to change height, widht, left, top elements of styling.


I solved first :slight_smile:

Can you please give me an example.

What is the css name? Can I set it outside your files? I’m calling my javascript from the server and hope it will work.

Hey guys!

Need some help here please…

I’m trying to fix the other 2 issues:

  • hide a section in timeline if no events for the current day. I’m looking at the html generated by you and for each section you have a with first the name of the section with has css class “.dhx_matrix_scell”, then the data is placed into a
    with class “.dhx_matrix_line”
  • each event is another
    with class “.dhx_cal_event_line”

    I don’t have experience with html/css. I almost never developed a web app. Even this one is generated. I write the code in Servoy as for a desktop application.
    I don’t know how to change the styles only for the sections I want to hide and for the events I want to make them thin.

    Can you please help me with this!

    Thanks a lot!