Custom scrollbar style with DHTMLX gantt

'm using DHTMLX gantt. It’s very OK but there is a problem. I want to custom its scrollbar style for better view but it’s not successful. I used some plugins to style its scrollbar but it’s not working. How can I do that?

horisontal and vertical scrollbars can be refered using these selectors - .gantt_hor_scroll, .gantt_ver_scroll
Please show what you’ve tried, so we can suggest how to make it work. You can use this tool to prepare a demo

Well, now horizontal scroll starts from the left corner of the chart. But I want it starts from the left corner of the gantt tasks(gantt_task div). How can I do that? I can’t find any config to do this.

Currently there is no such config. The only way to achieve this is to modify scrollbar sizes manually

Can you help me how to modify it? Thanks.

You need to limit max width of scrollbar element and push it to the right side of a chart.
Here is how it can be done with static sizes
However in real app you’ll probably need to set width dynamically based on with of timeline section