Custom Skin CSS Problem

I ran into a problem with the custom skin with the classic template.

The Salad, Sand, Blue Sky and Rose skins, the form labels are smaller than in the rest of the skins. So when a form is created and a few elements are positioned as “absolute”, these elements are rendered out of place.

Using chrome, I was able to find where the font was specified as “inherit” in the skins which are working and “11px” in the skins which are not working.

If ok with you, I will send an email with images for your review.

Unfortunately your issue cannot be reproduced locally.
Please, provide with a sample of your code, so the problem can be reconstructed.

I just sent an email with a sample and a proposed solution.

Could you clarify where can I find that eMail?

Someone from support answered the email. The subject of the email is " CSS Problem"

ok. got it.