Custom Skin for dhtmlxLayout

I just now created a custom skin for dhtmlxGrid and it was very easy to do. Now I’m trying to do the same thing for dhtmlxLayout. This page was the only resource I could find on creating a custom skin for dhtmlxLayout: … 6342875000

So, I copied the “dhtmlxwindows_dhx_blue.css” and “dhtmlxlayout_dhx_blue.css” to my own copies of this file and renamed all occurences of “dhx_blue” to “myskin”. I then create my layout with this line:

var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“page_layout”, “3L”, “myskin”);

And I get this javascript error:

Error: skin is undefined

Source File: [snip]/dhtmlx/dhtmlxWindows/dhtmlxwindows.js

Line: 86

Any idea what is going on?

Right, an error, because layout is based on windows and windows need “myskin” too.
But you can use any other windows skin, editing the code here (dhtmlxlayout.js):

this.parentDhxWins.setSkin(; (2 times)
this.dhxWins.setSkin(; (1 time)

change to “dhx_blue” or just comment codeline.