Custom sorting on Link column

I have a grid where i have a columns displaying text, but with an underlying link loaded from xml, see example:

<![CDATA[ Hoofdproces ]]> <![CDATA[ Bedrijfsdoelstellingen ]]> 0.3 Hoofdproces Goedgekeurd 06/04/2009 06/04/2009 Marc Steentjes MFP <![CDATA[ ]]>

Now I want to order on the text, but it orders on the text in the cdata.
How can i have this working correctly?

You may try to create your own custom sorting function: … ngfunction
or create your own custom column type, so that the value of your cell will be the required text: … olumntypes
or you may use the “link” column type: … _grid.html




Now I want to filter on the text, but it filters on the text in the cdata.for example if i serch for 6 it’s dispalying which suppose to.Could you please help me out to filter the data which user can see.

in this case you also need to create your own custom filtration.
Here you can find a tutorial: … ilterlogic