Custom Style for Time Intervals

I failed to locate any documentation in reference to “Custom Style for Time Intervals” which are advertised on the splash page of DHTMLXScheduler. My current aim is to be able to visually mark “working hours” on the calendar, these are of course different from day to day and I’d really appreciate if this were possible!

Check … tain_dates

Awesome! These war somehow hard to find :slight_smile:

Also … edtimespan

and in samples

  • samples/09_api/07_highlighted_timespans_month_view.html
  • samples/09_api/04_highlighted_sections_units.html
  • samples/09_api/03_highlighted_timespans.html


can we do this in Timeline view as well? I would like to mark some timeslots visually without creating fake events? Is that possible?

I’ve figured this out!
Adding sections: {timeline: XXX}’ to the addMarkedTimespan block did the trick.