Custom Timeline View Start Date

Is it possible to change timeline start view dynamically?

Tried this with no luck. Used with OnBeforeViewChange

scheduler._min_date_timeline = {CUSTOM_DATE}

Also tried:

scheduler._min_date = {CUSTOM_DATE}

It looks like start date is always picked from today’s date.

Any ideas?


Can you please explain in detail what is your scheduler configuration and what you are trying to do with above code?

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Aas able to do it by configuring the start date: =

This is the problem I was trying to solve
I was setting up a dynamic timeline view to render a based on a previous view.
Say, if I am in month view and click on timeline, I should get a month’s timeline e.t.c.

Timeline is not purposed for dynamic re-configuration. But you can create a few timelines ( month, week, any others ) and show the necessary one

Unfortunately the reconfigured timeline view does not take effect when one uses the Next/Previous buttons. The timeline reverts to the initial configuration.

Any idea on how to permanently reconfigure the view?

Or should I create a new timeline view?


Creating new view ( second timeline ) is more simple solution.

Thanks. Let me try that.

Okay. I am able to create a new time view. However, next/previous navigation is broken.
Tried setting up view with the same name.

Is there a way to completely remove an existing timeline view?



What’s wrong with the navigation buttons? What do you mean by ‘reverting to the previous configuration’?

When you click the Next button following code is executed:

scheduler.setCurrentView( //next line changes scheduler._date , but seems it has not side-effects[scheduler._mode+"_start"](scheduler._date),(step||1),scheduler._mode));
So it adds 1 ‘timeline’ to the current date and loads current view with new date.

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Thanks Ilya. You are right - It works fine.

I was basically running scheduler.createTimelineView(...) even when doing next/previous within the timeline. Works fine when I create a new timeline when the previous view was different. This was in a [color=green]onBeforeViewChange event handler.