Custom title of export to excel

the export to excel of my grid works fine. The tab title of my excel sheet has the name dhtmlxGrid. I want it to be a dynamic item. I find in the gridExcelGenerator.php a variable:

public $title = 'dhtmlxGrid';
[/code] But I don't want to change it here because all of my export to excel will have the same title. 

I want it to be set when I call [code]

Is that possible? And how can I do that?

you may use different export urls:

mygrid.toExcel("http://yourdomain/grid-excel-php/generate.php?tabname=Some tab name");
// or
mygrid.toExcel("http://yourdomain/grid-excel-php/generate.php?tabname=Another tab name");

On server side you may get this value as parameter from $_GET array: