Custom Tool-tip on the Y_Axis

hello all, this is my first experience with any Dhtmlx product, and its a great tool!
I’m using Dhtmlx Scheduler, I would like to display information about my axis (phone numbers, address, email, etc) and was thinking this could be with a tool tip.

After scouring through documentations for the tooltip, I could not find anything?
Can someone suggest a direction for a possible solution?

Also, I cannot get the default tooltip to work over my events, I read somewhere that it’s because my scheduler is resized to be smaller then 100% of the screen, is this true?


The custom tooltip works for events only, it can’t be used for scales.
You can alter the related template and output not the plain scale value, but something like

<span title='details'>value</span>

So native html tooltip will appear on mouse hovering.

If you still have a problem with tooltips and events - please share some kind of demo, where it can be checked.

Thanks you Stanislav, I will try adding a tooltip to the HTML
If i have any trouble, I’ll post a sample.


Unfortunately, I’m still confused as to how I would do this?
I understand that when the page renders, the information in the dhx_cal_data gets populate, upon further inspection, the y scale is located in the class: “dhx_matrix_scell”

so how would i obtain a hold on this?
how would I add an id to it, so i call access it from a java script function?
Also is it possible to retrieve the value, So i may do a reverse look-up o the name to retrieve the information?


There is no any references in JS code to separate cells of scale. The only place how you can affect it - scales template … plate.html

scheduler.templates.timeline_scale_label = function(key, label, section){ return "<span title='label' id='section_"+key+"'>"+label+"</span>"; };

With above code, timeline will have spans with fixed ids and some native tooltips.


Can we add custom tool tip on single event by ajax call in week view.

Text of tooltip must be a part of event’s object. Currently there is no standard way to load tooltip info by ajax call.

Hey everyone,

So i got my tooltip using the Tooltipster library working and this is how:

I noticed all the Y_axis data was being stored in an element with the class attribute = “dhx_matrix_scell”

So using some Javascript, I added the tooltipster class as well as a title attribute containing the information to be displayed via tooltip.

Here is the code (this is a mvc project)

var engineers = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(ViewBag.engineersInfo))
var engName = document.getElementsByClassName(“dhx_matrix_scell”);

for (var i = 0; i < engName.length; i++) {
    engName[i].className = engName[i].className + " tooltipss";
    engName[i].title = engineers[i].toString();

though unfortunately, I still have an issue with my solution.
As soon as I add a new event to my scheduler, my tool tip function stops working.

does anyone know why this is?

The scale may be repainted after adding new events, so you may need to call the above code again ( to set the necessary attributes to the repainted html elements )

to elaborate more on my problem, my script that was adding the tooltipster class and the corresponding title gets overridden upon a new event on the scheduler.

I believe this is because, the scheduler is re-rendered upon any event. I believe I will have to set the tooltip upon every event, my question now is:

is there a event call or method that enables me to perform custom logic before (or after, if it works) rendering the scheduler?


try the “onViewChange” event … event.html

Thanks, I ended up adding events for onViewChange, onYScaleClick, onAfterLightbox

in these events, i just set the tool tip again.
thanks all!