Custom tooltip in dataview

I am trying to implement tooltipster.js in a dataview. It works fine outside a dataview area however for some reason no tooltip show at all when a

is within the dataview section. There seems to be some conflict.

The html section is as follows:

@#screenname#, #accountname#

I initiate the view as such…
twitter_OPS_data = new dhtmlXDataView({
container: “twitter_OPS_detail”,
select: false,
template: “html->social_twitter_template2”,
height: 140,
width: 712
x_count: 1,
y_count: 4

If it is not possible to use tooltipster with your product is there a way to at least style the tooltip and have have it always show to the right of the dataview area?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First of all try to increase z-index to the div of this tooltip

I have tried both .tooltipspecial{z-index: 9999999;} and .tooltipspecial{z-index: 9999999 !important;} neither had any effect.

Is it at least possible to control the position with your standard dataview tooltip? For instance always have the tooltiip show to the right of any template as we have several links within our content and the tooltip covers the area making it difficult to navigate.

We did not work with the tooltipster.js library. So, we can not provide a solution for it. However, you may always use built-in tooltip of DataView:

Would it at least be possible to control where the tooltip displays using your example?

I would like to have tooltip display just right of the dataview element, in this case dhx_dataview_item dhx_dataview_default_item_selected instead of where ever the mouse is located.

Using your current templates displays the tooltip through our content making a very bad experience.

DHTMLX framework uses browser tooltips. Or you can use our compontn dhtmlxPopup as a tooltip for items